Dope Digits’ mission is to provide an outlet for self expression through the dopest nail art and accessories that can be found on the market today. Dope Digits strives to provide its wearer with an easy to use and beautiful form of wearable art. It is for dope girls (and guys!) who want to make a statement!

After graduating from Cornell University, Sava D, creator and founder of Dope Digits, had the idea to start a company that made nail art super easy and accessible for nail artists of all skill levels. She had been scouting for  nail decals before, but the market seemed to be flooded with kitschy and just plain lackluster products! Fueled by obsession and inspired by art, hip hop and contemporary culture, Sava set out to make fun, fresh, and funky nail decals that would express her creativity and turn the nail game on end.